• No Has A Fascinating Template

    When a client comes to me and says, what should I do?  I've tried everything and I haven't been able to manifest a longing.  My response ussually is let's get to know your no. 

    Energetically what does no feel like to me?  It's looks like a beautiful cage that protects you but also keeps you stuck in a pattern.  Thomas Hood's poem "NO!" is a perfect example of what the template feels like to me.  Before you read it, take a deep breath (ground), clear your mind and as you read each word feel what your body does, you might be able to see or feel the template of NO.

    No sun--no moon!
    No morn--no noon!
    No dawn--no dusk--no proper time of day--
    No sky--no earthly view--
    No distance looking blue--
    No road--no street--no "t'other side this way"--
    No end to any Row--
    No indications where the Crescents go--
    No top to any steeple--
    No recognitions of familiar people--
    No courtesies for showing 'em--
    No knowing 'em!
    No traveling at all--no locomotion--
    No inkling of the way--no notion--
    "No go" by land or ocean--
    No mail--no post--
    No news from any foreign coast--
    No Park, no Ring, no afternoon gentility--
    No company--no nobility--
    No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
    No comfortable feel in any member--
    No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
    No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds--

    ~ Thomas Hood