What is a healing?

Through guided conversation, intuitive counseling, and working with your energy field, I will help you align with your desire for change and growth

In a healing session, we’ll begin by setting an intention, then observing and challenging any limiting beliefs you may hold, exploring defenses and past experiences that have shaped your perspective, and then we will heal and cleanse those wounds. I hold a gentle, grounded sacred space for you to feel supported in exploring your emotions.

The first half of the session takes place in guided conversation. This is a place of connection, a time to slow down and sit with your thoughts. I want to know what your world looks like, what you’re experiencing, what events are calling your attention, and how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You may have long-buried memories bubble up, sometimes insights come mid-sentence, and patterns are revealed. This is your chance to share what’s been happening in your life and how you’re processing all of it. I’ll be channeling energy and intuitively guided to ask you questions for further illumination—holding up a mirror to reflect back your truth. Our conversation gives me direction for what we may want to explore next in our table work. 

The second half of the session takes place as table work, where I’ll align your energy field. You’ll remain fully clothed and you will rest on a massage table. There’s nothing for you to do in this moment. You may find yourself reflecting on the conversation, processing any feelings that have come up, or you may even fall asleep. I will lightly place my hands on your body—often moving from the feet to the crown of your head—using specific energy techniques. I’ll first balance and stabilize your field, which is like hitting the energetic reset button. Once this is done, intuitive information will guide me in removing emotional, spiritual, or physical blocks, as well as stagnant energy. For instance, I may want to see how a wound that was created in the past is affecting the present and how everything can align with a future intention. On a soul level, we’re on a long journey with influences that stretch back to past lives and forward to future selves. I may be guided to do a soul retrieval, ancestral healing, repair cords,cut streamers, or other spiritual medicine. I may also use a variety of tools during the healing, from crystals to essential oils. Throughout this work, you may feel some heat or cold in your body or sensations of pulsing or tingling, you may feel energized afterwards or like you want to take a nap—there’s no right or wrong. After the healing, I'll share guidance I received during the table work and answer any questions.

After the session, it’s important to stay hydrated, to rest as possible, nurture and be kind to yourself. Healings usually unfold for several days up to a week. You may want to keep track of any thoughts, dreams, or events that surface. This is a window of time when it might feel like a veil has been lifted between your current reality and what is possible. The time between our session and this expansion is what will drive change. With these new feelings of hopefulness and possibility, there’s a chance that old defenses, beliefs, fears, and hurts that keep you stuck in “safe” patterns will come up for you. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself as feelings, events, or thoughts arise that may feel uncomfortable or different:

-Physically, how does my body feel?

-Emotionally, what is coming up for me?

-Mentally, what am I thinking of and where is my attention?

-Spiritually, do I feel like I’m connected or part of something greater than myself?

You hold all the answers inside of yourself—simply tune in. Being present, aware, open, and receptive may lead to important signs and direction on how to proceed in a new way. Once you move beyond difficult moments, you’ll be able to do it again and again and take even greater leaps of faith.