What do clients say?

Here are three different perspectives from three different clients:

Working with Guinevere was invaluable during my treatment for cancer. At age 28, no one expects to be dealing with such an epic disease. I was thrown head-first into the medical junket, with over 150 doctors appointments for chemo, surgery and radiation in 2012. During this entire unfortunate journey, I was so lucky to have Guinevere extend her healing hand to me. What it meant to consider my self, my difficulty, my energy and my body in a non-medical way during such an intensely invasive time was critical to my healing and recovery. Each session, I left feeling the cathartic release of the bad and a restoration of the good. I believe whole-heartedly in the power of energy healing and table work to transform. I was able to also center on finding my truth and my longing to drive toward my life's greater purpose."

"Since I have known Guinevere, I have changed careers, endured heartbreak, moved to a different continent, and otherwise experienced many different life opportunities and challenges. When I think back to my first healing session with her six years ago, I see a pupa self: relatively snug in my self-created sack, unaware of the infinitude of possibility and connection, but dimly sensing and fearing the vibrations of something bigger and more alive. In all contexts, whether in person or long-distance, Guinevere meets me with open heart in the space I am in. She is a deep source of support, wisdom, grounding, and guidance, and while her guidance is not easy, it always resonates truly and lastingly. What she reflects back is always surprising and enlightening. In our sessions--which feel like we are plunging through time and space--her questions and how she sees and interacts with the world are like small candles on a dim path: simultaneously comforting and encouraging me to forge ahead. Life has handed me a great journey, and Guinevere has helped me take the journey within."



"Guinevere has this beautiful ability to shed clarity and light on all aspects of life that need tending. I've been working with her for many years now and from day one I felt supported by her warmth, kindness, and wise insights. Together, we untangled knots in every area of my life from work to relationships to dreams and aspirations. She brings to the surface exactly what needs to be addressed in order for me to take the next step forward. What comes up is often unexpected, not always pretty, and usually never easy to look in the eye, but in working with her I've learned that it's the only way to initiate change. Guinevere's sense of humor, perspective, and calm bring ease to even the toughest situations. And because of this, I am closer everyday to living my truth. She is a healing magician of sorts. In short, Guinevere has changed my life---how I live it, how I see it, and how I want it to look in the future. I am in awe of all she does."